All of our frames are tested to the highest standards, even if we aren't required to meet those standards in specific markets. The most stringent standards that bicycle frames are held to have traditionally been EU standards, but recently ISO standards have become a higher standard in some cases. These standards include extensive testing on a variety of fatigue testing machines and in-field riding. We comply with all these standards and back our frames and bicycles with the best warranties in the business.


Each of our frames goes through the most stringent of testing. There are four tests that all bike frames must pass before being ridden. We feel that this isn’t enough to fully put a frame through the stresses it might see in the real world, and for that reason we choose to put our bike frames through nine different tests to make sure that every part of each frame has been tested thoroughly. This may be more expensive for us and take longer to do, but we are committed to making sure that every bike is a superior product


The bike frames are put into specially engineered fixtures that mimic the strains and stresses a bike frame often see through use. Where many brands feel that they only have to do the minimum required for a frame to pass standards, we test each frame to 150% of the required testing. For example, some tests require a load to be put on a bike frame in a specific orientation for 30,000 cycles; this means that Fezzari tests our bikes with the same load for 45,000 cycles. We want you to have the longest lasting bike.