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Fezzari engineering, design and manufacturing methods are in a class of their own. All Fezzari bikes are built with performance in mind. We spend countless hours designing, testing, refining, and testing again to ensure you are getting the very best technologies and quality. From durability to efficiency and ride quality to graphics, nothing is overlooked. Every point to the left is part of Fezzari Racing Design Technology and what makes our bikes so great.

FIST (Fezzari Intensive Strength Testing). All of our frames are tested to the highest standards, even if we aren't required to meet those standards in specific markets. The most stringent standards that bicycle frames are held to have traditionally been EU standards, but recently ISO standards have become a higher standard in some cases. These standards include extensive testing on a variety of fatigue testing machines and in-field riding. We comply with all these standards and back our frames and bicycles with the best warranties in the business.


FBS Analytics (Full Bike System Analytics). We don’t just build frames, we build entire systems. All our frame technologies could go to waste if we didn't also look at the entire bike and the components. Although we use many new technologies, where possible we stay true to the simplest and most efficient systems, making it easier for everyone involved.


We use the highest grade materials available to build our frames. We incorporate the most up-to-date research into our suspension design, but there is so much more that makes up a great bike. We approach the design of our frames with a unique mindset. When you buy a Fezzari, you are getting a bike that has years of research and testing put into it. No shortcuts are taken when it comes to making sure our bikes are Built for Life.


There are many variables when it comes to suspension and handling characteristics. We have spent years researching and developing the technologies used in our FRD Tetra Link suspension design. We optimized our suspension design to favor a playful yet composed ride, one that pedals efficiently while still soaking up the big hits. Fezzari utilizes computer analysis alongside real world testing to make the most of its suspension design.


Aluminum is one of the most durable, light, and stiff metals available. Recent advances in aluminum bicycle frame building have made these alloy frames even better and caused a resurgence in its use. Fezzari uses the latest technologies available, and we trickle many of these technologies down to even our entry-level bikes.


Carbon has become the high-end go-to material for bike building. It's lighter than aluminum or other materials and can be adapted to be either flexible or stiff. Carbon construction technology has advanced rapidly in the last few years. Fezzari uses the latest technologies, along with our own proprietary technologies to build our bikes. Plus, we back our carbon with the best warranty in the business.