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"Best Bang For The Buck"

Timp Peak Wins "Best Bang For The Buck" from Loam Wolf





"If you’re looking for a bike that will eat your local trail system up, climb like mountain goat and shred the descents, this is a killer option. Fezzari offers a great custom-build option to dial in the bike for your size and style, plus you can rely on an excellent warranty program and great customer service."
"As you go to purchase your next bike, I encourage you to give Fezzari a look."
"I realized how deeply in touch Fezzari is with what riders want and what the industry needs."

"Fezzari is a force to be reckoned with."

"The geometry is ... revolutionary."
"Fezzari has smashed one deep into the bleachers."
"Fezzari blew our socks off. Then we put them back on and rode the bike. And we were still astonished."

"The Timp Peak shows up to a knife fight with a shotgun by delivering a component group that nearly no other bike can match for the price."

"Fezzari puts out a surprising amount of new bikes on a regular basis. Always trying to one up their last model, Fezzari is at it again..."
"From endurance road bikes to mountain bikes, and cyclocross race bikes to triathlon bikes, the Utah-based Fezzari brand has become one of the leaders in consumer-direct bike market."
"When told a new bike will arrive at my house and require no adjustment before riding, I’m skeptical. But I’m currently eating my words and enjoying my first...rides."
"As always, the bikes include Fezzari’s ‘No Risk, Just Ride guarantee’ which includes a 30 day return policy and lifetime warranty, plus their 23 point custom setup to help you dial in the bike right out of the box."
"The bike was near perfect."
"Not familiar with Fezzari? Neither was I until shortly before the bike test. Turns out they're a smaller, direct to consumer bike brand out of Salt Lake City, UT. Think Canyon Bicycles, except without Movistar and Katusha as sponsored teams."
"From that first pedal stroke we had a feeling the Timp Peak was a winner, and the fact we literally had to pry it away from our last test rider, speaks volumes about the goods the Fezzari delivers."
"Fezzari’s newest bikes look to be just as, if not more up to date with the latest trends as most major manufacturers."
"Very well thought out."
"Fezzari’s out-of-the-box thinking allows riders to afford bikes they would otherwise have to mortgage their house for."
"From that first pedal stroke we had a feeling the Timp Peak was a winner, and the fact we literally had to pry it away from our last test rider, speaks volumes about the goods the Fezzari delivers."

"If you want the absolute best bang for your buck in a new mountain bike, it’s hard to beat the offerings from Fezzari."

"Fezzari is driven to crank out consumer-centric bikes that can hang with, and even surpass, the most popular brands in the business."
"Utah-based Fezzari brand has become one of the leaders in the consumer-direct bike market."

"A thoughtful and mature way to go about bike design."

"We have had nothing but good interactions with the customer service department at Fezzari and are pretty confident that they are some of the best in the business as far as coming through for their riders."
"The best of the best, the Timp Peak 2 [loaded is only] $5,800. Sure that’s a lot of money, but holy **** that’s a dialed build!"
"The Fezzari soaked up everything I threw at it."
"With the release of their latest Foré line of road bikes, the CR4 Disc is an intriguing example of innovation that we’ve yet to see from many of the more well-established bike manufacturers."
"Fezzari has put a lot of thought into the CR5, they spec'ed the bike like it was destined for the WorldTour."
"Not only would Fezzari’s excellent customer support staff help make sure the build was up to snuff, but the Timp Peak’s inherently excellent chassis, and a dialed parts mix collaborated to create a truly pleasant surprise …. From that first pedal stroke we had a feeling it was a winner, and the fact we literally had to pry it away from our last test rider, speaks volumes about the goods Fezzari delivers."
"The Fezzari Foré CR5 defied...expectations."
"CR4 Disc is an intriguing example of innovation that we’ve yet to see from many of the more well-established bike manufacturers."
"It’s hard to find fault with the Foré Cyx, and it’s telling that it was our bike of choice come race day."
"When we pulled the bike out of the box to assemble it, we were pleasantly surprised at how dialed in the bike was."
"The bike handled beautifully, and I kept thinking the entire test weekend how well this bike is designed."
"The Foré CR5 defied expectations."
"What I found was a frame and finish that is on par with … every other bike in the test. Without prior knowledge, there's nothing to separate the Fezzari from the Scott or the BMC....except price."

"Fezzari is a company that has customer service on the brain."

"To alleviate concerns about the lack of face-to-face contact in the direct-to-consumer model, Fezzari utilizes a 23-point custom sizing and set-up process … where detailed measurements and precise fit specifications are dialed in before the bike ships to the consumer. "
"I had zero concerns about this bike."

"Fezzari is the biggest little bike company you’ve never heard of."

"Fezzari got the ride quality spot on, threading the tight needle that will appeal to a fit fondo rider and pure racer alike."
"Utah-based Fezzari Bicycles began with humble ambitions, but has grown to become a major player in the consumer-direct bicycle market."
"The Foré was the most talked-about bike in our test, and not only because of its sophisticated, Belgian Classics-inspired color scheme. Much of the chatter was about Fezzari’s direct-to-consumer structure, which cuts out bike shops – as well as a lot of the cost…. It’s an outstanding all-rounder, blending racing quickness and all-day comfort in a package that excelled on every test course we tried…. There’s no denying the value. Fezzari promises a 23-point custom fitting, delivers its bikes ready to ride, and teams with local shops for follow-up and service. 15.1 lbs;"
"Fezzari’s customer service and attention-to-detail is excellent. Despite being a relative unknown, the Timp Peak held its own against an armada of dream bikes, and we’re confident that many buyers would be pleased with this package."
"The bike felt light, and was well-suited for me right out of the gate."
"Step on the pedals the bike accelerates smoothly and corners like it's on rails. Now with SRAM Force22, 11-speed drivetrain and Mavic Aksium wheels, the Fore CR3 is at the top of its class in performance, reliability and comfort."
"The CR4 Disc is the standout thanks to the uniqueness of its impeccable stopping ability and the front and rear thru-axles, which stiffen up the frame’s key contact points with the wheels, creating a noticeably more stable ride quality."
"After several weeks of testing and hundreds of miles in the Fezzari Fore CR4’s saddle, we came away impressed with the bike’s all-around capabilities. This is noteworthy due to the growing trend among manufacturers to design bikes for very specific purposes. From super-stiff carbon racing platforms to comfort-oriented endurance bikes, from slippery-in-the-wind aero road models to disc brake-equipped gravel bikes, there are fewer and fewer new models coming to market that can lay claim to the title of "all-rounder."
"The Nebo Peak is a contender that is second to none."
"The Foré CR5 rider prizes ride quality over all else. He or she wants light and stiff. This rider is interested in saving some serious money."
"Fezzari has an unusual business model that mixes consumer-direct shipping with the personalized service of a brick-and-mortar shop. To provide this service, the company developed a system to customize each bike specifically for the customer. Fezzari uses a 23-point custom setup system based off specific measurements including a rider’s height, weight, inseam, torso and arm length, along with a few other factors such as age and riding style. It then sets up the bike specifically to individual specifications and ships it directly to your door."

"We’d have to say Fezzari’s fitting system is pretty dialed."

"If you want to get into road biking or want a bike that is durable, high-performing, and as comfortable as a road bike can be, the Catania is for you."
"If there is one thing that's clear about Fezzari, it's that the company cares about getting more riders on the trail."
"Fezzari also offers one of the best warranties in the business, a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a 23-point custom bike fit to make sure they get the right bike size for you."
"After 7,000 miles of 50 Ironmans in 50 days in 50 consecutive states, the Fezzari T5 gave me no issues whatsoever."

James Lawrence, the Iron Cowboy (3-Time World Record Holder)
"The Alta Peak has been the choice for those wanting an all-mountain, do everything bike at an unbeatable value and it just got better with its newly redesigned frame."
"The Solitude is my vote for mountain bike of the year. Fezzari nailed it with this one, only they should have named it the Tazmanian Devil, because of it can spin circles around other mountain bikes."

Science of Triathlon

"Fezzari has made a reputation with customer service"

"Fezzari has made a reputation with customer service. How can a direct company do that? It has a monster 23-point set-up that allows you to tweak every component and touch point, and you can swap parts ad nauseam. Want pink bar tape and cables? Fezzari will do it."
"Fezzari is ready to meet your needs and help you quietly land on the podium. Don’t tell your competition."
"The Fezzari Solitude breaks down to three factors: weight, price and performance. It delivers on all three."
"We took advantage of Fezzari's 23-point fit system, which actually was a pretty smooth process. Everything from inseam to arm length was accounted for, and Fezzari used the information to calculate the best fit."

"Best bike I've ever owned!"

Brock Liston (Utah)
"What a team, and what great service! THANK YOU!"
Reed Best (American Fork, Utah)
"The sales and build team at Fezzari is like no other... I will be back year after year to upgrade each of my family members bikes without question."
Jared (Utah)
"Incredible bike for the money. I've been riding for over 20 years, and owned bikes from nearly all the top brands. However, Fezzari easily makes the best bike around."
Scott (Provo, Utah)
"They [Fezzari] are truly invested in making sure I love this bike. Their customer service is second to none...I have to believe this would be the case whether I lived in the area or not. They love to ride and invest that passion in the people they serve."
Zach (Lindon)