Frequently Asked Questions

Are lead-times on the website accurate?

Yes, we put the most accurate times possible on the website. In these current times, things may change. We appreciate your patience.

How do I know what size of bike to buy?

We fully customize all of the bikes to fit you exactly. Just provide your measurements during the check-out process and our expert technicians will complete a 23-Point Custom Setup to ensure that your bike fits you perfectly.

Can I find a Fezzari Bike in my local bike shop?

We sell exclusively direct-to-rider (consumer-direct). Most bike companies sell to a distributor, who sells to a bike shop, who sells to you. With Fezzari it is direct to you. We do this because we custom build every bike. You save also because we pass the savings onto you (50% off of the price of a comparable bike from a bike shop). We realize buying something sight unseen takes a leap of faith. That is why we offer the Fezzari 23-Point Custom Setup, and the best quality bikes on the market. Bottom line, Fezzari is custom, quality, direct.

How long before I get my bike?

Current estimated delivery times are listed by each product. Each bike goes through a custom build process.

Where do your bike names come from?

Almost all of our mountain bikes are named after some of our favorite riding areas and mountains in Utah. For example, the La Sal Peak is named after the mountain range overlooking the famous Moab trails. The company name Fezzari means "be in the moment." We believe in being in the moment in each encounter, each ride, and each experience.

Why are Fezzari bikes so much less than comparable bikes?

Because of our distribution method. We sell rider-direct and pass the savings on to our customers. But this doesn’t mean that our bikes are lower quality. In fact, our bikes on a manufacturing cost basis often cost more to make than comparable bikes because of our quality manufacturing methods and high-end components, even in areas where you may not notice.

What is the warranty on my Fezzari?

It’s the best warranty in the business. Click Here.

What is the 23-Point Custom Setup program? What if I know what frame size I want?

Actually, it’s much more than just a getting the correct frame size. Check out our 23-Point Custom Setup Program. If you do know the frame size you want, though, please let us know.

How hard is it to assemble?

Assembly is really easy. We fully assemble the bikes at our factory then remove only what is necessary for packing. Front wheel and seat (already mounted to seat post) usually install with Quick Release levers. Handlebar and pedals must also be installed. Each box includes clear instructions and the necessary tools for assembly. For a fun assembly video click here.

What if there is a problem?

We fully back our bikes. Fezzari frames carry a limited lifetime warranty, and individual components are guaranteed by the original manufacture. If you have any problem we’ll do everything we can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. 

What if my bike needs service?

There are several ways you can get your bike serviced. If it’s standard maintenance, you can (1) check out our self-help tutorials in our support section; (2) call us for help; or (3) take it to a local bike dealer (Fezzari bikes can be serviced anywhere). 

Can you send me a catalog?

We do not produce a printed catalog. This has the advantage of being up-to-date all the time and helps us keep our cost down - savings that we put into better products and values. 

Where can I get an Owners Manual for my Bike?

Click here.  For more in depth information on a particular component (like a derailleur or a suspension fork), you can visit the website of that particular manufacturer. If you plan on doing some of your own repairs, we encourage you to do so! It will help you learn how your bike works, keep your bike in better condition, and help you to enjoy the sport more. But we encourage you to get a good bicycle repair manual. For some recommended manuals and some great websites, click here. Also, check out our online tutorials in our support section.

Why aren't the weights listed in the specs on the website?

Like many premier manufacturers, Fezzari does not list weights in the specs primarily because of accuracy. Each product varies in weight (because of differences in size, pedals, and even tubes, tires, saddles, and other components). To be most accurate, we encourage you to weigh your bike yourself with the components that you ride with. You can also contact us if you’d like to get an approximate weight for a specific bike. You can be sure that Fezzari products compare with the best products in their categories in terms of weight and quality of components. Nevertheless, we will not compromise on quality, safety, or performance for a couple of ounces. We build our bikes to last a long time.

If you're extremely worried about weight, we can shave weight off in certain areas easily. For example, most manufacturers put an ultra light tube in the tires to save weight. We have found most of our customers prefer the heavy duty tubes for added puncture resistance. But if you prefer a lighter tube, please let us know and we can do it during the 23-Point Custom Setup (note: some custom options may cost more). 

How can I find the serial number for my bike?

It is located on the bottom side of the bottom bracket shell (the part of the frame where the pedals connect). 

Where are your bikes made?

We design, engineer, and assemble our bikes in Utah, USA. Our frames are manufactured in our factories in Taiwan (where almost all high-end brand bikes are built). The components are sourced from various locations, including Japan (Shimano), USA (Fox), and Taiwan (SRAM).

How do I order from overseas?

You can either email us or call us at 801-471-0440 (if the toll-free number doesn't work).